A pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of prefabricated orthotics, Formthotics™ help people lead active and pain-free lives.

Manufactured in New Zealand and backed by 4 decades of research and development, Formthotics are proven to prevent injuries and falls, treat lower limb and back pain, and provide a greater level comfort and enhanced performance. In just a few minutes, Formthotics can be heated and fitted, moulding to the shape of the foot and shoe to deliver a personalised fit.

Today, Formthotics are exported to over 50 countries and worn by millions of people around the world and are proud to help keep people active around the world.

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For the duration of the show we’re pleased to be offering a deal on our starter kits to help you bring the power of Formthotics to your clinic.

The starter kit includes a heating machine, 6 pairs of Original Single Medium and 6 pairs of Original Dual Medium for the low price of £451+VAT.

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Have you tried ShockStop in your practice?

Revolutionary ShockStop foam protects and reduces impact, providing superior shock absorption. They are beneficial for patients who require extra care; history of arch blistering, elderly, diabetes, arthritis, atrophy or boney prominences.

Usually sold at £33+VAT, as sponsors of the show we are offering a showtime deal of 5 pairs for £99 + VAT – in other words, 40% off.

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