Extended Access



14 days extended access

With extended access you’ll have access to the content for 14 additional days, as well as being able to revisit many of the talks from the previous edition of the Foot and Ankle Show Digital that took place in October last year.

Over 40 presentations

Covering a range of topics from MSK, dermatology, woundcare, business, marketing… Take the opportunity to listen to some of the finest international speakers and get your notepad at the ready. On demand access means you can pause when you need, you can rewind when you need, and you can even start it all from the beginning again if it’s really that good.

Are you an Osgo member?

Please head to the www.osgo.co.uk site for your reduced rate – you can find the deal in the training and events section

Supporting Forgotten Feet

Forgotten Feet are a UK charity that aims to provide free regular chiropody/podiatry service for those most in need and least likely to have the means to access it. In a year where it’s been tough for charities to raise money in the traditional ways, we’re pleased to be able to be donating 30% of the untaxed income from the Extended Access Passes to Forgotten Feet.

When will it end?

Extended Access gives you an up to an extra 14 days to view all the presentations listed, and will end on Monday 8th February at 8am GMT. Make sure you make the most of it while it’s here.